From the Rec Min May 7, 2018

                2018 CSports Baseball is history! Now it’s Flag Football season! Evaluations tonight and tomorrow! If you can help, please let Mrs. Rose know (706-3326). We need coaches!

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               The season was great. Most days the weather was beautiful. Thank you all for your dedication, spirit, and hard work. We in the Recreation Ministry hear stories from families in our programs that most may not hear. We have families who are going through struggles, some have been homeless. Several this season are living with serious illness in their family. We’ve had families in the witness protection program, families who had lost their jobs, who were living through foreclosure. All of these people were out there among you as we facilitated the baseball practices and games, team parties, and Team Service Projects. Among these people, response cards from the Celebration last week indicated that 25 players and 24 adults accepted Christ as their Savior during the season. 42 players and 46 adults indicated that they grew closer to Christ during the season. 1 player and 1 adult asked to speak with a minister about their faith and 2 families are looking for a church home as a result of their time with you on the ball fields.

               In John 13:35, Jesus tells us, “By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.” That’s how we show our true faith. I may have been the only one present who noticed in the 10:40 worship service last week, but we had a young girl serving as the Acolyte leading the choir into worship. She was a little nervous as I’m sure any young person would be leading a group into a large crowd, but she did great. She climbed to the podium and lit the first candle. As she moved to the next candle, her fire went out. She froze there not knowing what to do. As the choir was moving into their places in the loft, our Lead Pastor, Dr. Rob Couch (a dad himself), stepped over to the young girl and helped her re-light her acolyte wick and she moved on to light the second candle. I know it is like that in the Recreation Ministry. We who are here each day tend to help each other’s “light stay lit” with encouragement, witness, and example. That is what you did every day on our ball fields. You may not have seen the need in each person’s eyes or heart, but you were the bearer of the light that changed them and made them, in turn, share with others.

               Titus 2:7 says, “You yourself must be an example to them.” You have done a mighty good job of that. Our mission goes on. I pray that you’ll pray and see what all God has planned for you. A flashlight is just an expensive stick unless it’s shining to show someone the way. You have done that, and I hope you will continue, here at Christ United, at home, at work or school, wherever you may be.

               Until next time, may God bless you and keep you! Thank you for all you do for this ministry!


In His Service,


Steve Ellisor, Recreation Minister

Christ United Methodist Church



“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:6