Staff and volunteers in the Recreation Ministry work hard to see that all activities are well planned, organized and run with the knowledge that Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do.The Recreation Ministry was established with a firm foundation that includes:

  • keeping focused on the purpose of the church

  • being ministry oriented

  • understanding the role of recreation as a method for ministry

Recreation Ministry staff and volunteers are likely to be the first people a visitor will see when they visit our church to participate in or observe an activity. We have both the privilege and responsibility of creating their first impression of our church and being God’s host to that visitor.

In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths.
— Proverbs 3:6


Since 2016, the Recreation Ministry has continued to grow and become recognized around the community as a multi-faceted ministry that combines leisure oriented recreational activities and fitness opportunities with action packed, but ministry oriented, team sports and camps for children and adults. Hundreds of parents and supporters of the athletics programs carry C-Sports logo decals displayed on their cars. C-Sports is the name we have given to our athletics programs. 

Recreation Ministry staff regularly host groups from churches around the southeast who are wanting to build recreation programs in their own churches. A number of successful programs in our community as well as in other states have been resourced and encouraged by the work our staff and volunteers do and the ministry that has been making disciples through healthy activities, fellowship, and spreading the word and love of Christ for many years.