1. Guidelines and schedules are subject to change. Announcements will be posted on our Facebook page, Twitter as well as at the Recreation desk.
  2. The Recreation Facilities are available to the Christ United Family which includes members and regular attendees of Christ United Methodist Church. Each member can have up to three guests.
  3. Anyone using the recreation facilities must have completed a registration form which will be kept on file at the Recreation Counter. 
  4. Children under the age of 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Recreation Staff and Volunteers may not accept responsibility for the supervision of children.
  5. Proper attire will be worn at all times.
    1. Shorts will be modest.
    2. Shirts must be worn at all times
      1. Shirts must cover the mid section of your body.
      2. Shirts must be worn over sport tops
      3. Shirts or tank tops that show the ribs or are otherwise open or low cut are not appropriate.
      4. Apparel with inappropriate or potentially divisive messages or advertisements (bars, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.) is not acceptable.
  6. Participants must complete the Fitness Room Orientation prior to using equipment in the Fitness Room.
  7. All participants must sign in at the Recreation Counter upon arrival.
  8. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times. Be courteous to fellow participants. Rotate use of equipment or courts so that everyone can benefit. Polite language and temper control are important for the effectiveness of the Recreation Ministry. Remember: In the Christ Center, YOU ARE A MINISTER, TOO!!