This program is built by the hard work of many people who are volunteering their time. Coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, referees and other volunteers are what make this league possible. Coaches and leaders provide spiritual enrichment through weekly devotions and relationship building.  Without these volunteers, the C-Sports program could not operate.  If you have any questions, please contact Rose Farnell, C-Sports Coordinator.


To volunteer for C-Sports, each coach and referee/umpire (over the age of 18) are asked to complete the following paperwork:  

  • Volunteer Form (aka "yellow form") - this is completed for each sport for coaches, referees/umpires:

  • The Safe Sanctuaries application - this is a one-time application for coaches:

  • Background check - this has to be completed every 2 years for coaches:


Team Parents

Team parents volunteers are needed for each team to help with communication and organization.


If you are a youth (under age 18) and would like to volunteer to lead at C-Sports Summer Camp, please complete the form below.

Adults (18 and up) please click HERE and complete COACHES forms-DO NOT USE THE FORM BELOW.

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