about c-sports

Christ United Methodist Recreation Ministry created a year round sports league, C-Sports, in 2004.  Immediately it was clear that there was a demand in the community for sports leagues in which children could learn to play a sport, do so in a safe setting, and have fun in a positive environment.  

The mission of C-Sports is to offer Christ-centered character building, self-esteem, skill enhancing instruction, and spiritual nurturing to children and families of our church and community. As a sports program we will always strive to increase skill development, game strategy, game rules, and enjoyment of sports.  It is our hope that sports can be Christ-like and competitive with an emphasis on doing one’s best while respecting the coaches, officials, and opponents.

We are a Developmental League which has certain rules that demand that our focus is on performance rather than winning. Our program is designed to teach sports in a safe way in which each child is given an opportunity to learn skills, increase their knowledge of the game, gain self-confidence and enjoy being part of a team.